SMOK Vape Review: The Innovative Vaping Experience

SMOK offers a variety of electronic cigarette goods, including SMOK Vape ranging from entry-level to high-end models and e-liquid. To let you know the reason why SMOK Vape is an ideal vaping system for you, Vape Vend is here to tell you about SMOK Vape and a few of its great features.


SMOK has never been a brand that has followed market trends, but has continually set new benchmarks. Since its establishment, the company has led the market in new technologies, from its SMOK Box Mods to its extensive line of SMOK coils. Among the most notable developments from the SMOK brand are the following: 

Dual Coil Atomizers – While dual coil atomizers existed prior to 2011, the SMOK brand popularized them. With the release of these brand-new SMOK coils, vapers have accessed to a whole new level of flavor and atomizer performance.

Variable Wattage control – While the SMOK vape pen was not the first to implement variable wattage control, the brand did significantly advance the technology and make it more accessible to vapers worldwide. SMOK created an entire series of variable wattage gadgets early on, meanwhile, variable wattage was barely known of. 

These early devices included the Shuttle, Silenus, and Rocket, all of which were launched in 2014. While several brands now provide variable wattage devices, SMOK was one among the first to do so throughout an entire line of simple-to-use devices.

Sub-Ohm Vaping – Until recently, sub-ohm vaping was a mechanical mod-exclusive experience. However, the technology behind the brand’s SMOK tanks has allowed individuals who use private vaporizer gadgets to experience the same level of high-volume vaping as those using mech mods. 

The TFV4 tank was the first breakthrough in the SMOK tank field, since it was compatible with the company’s line of sub-ohm coils, allowing for massive vapor production throughout each vape session. Later that year, the brand debuted the TFV18, a revolutionary new SMOK vape product. This tank was adored by many veteran vapers and was frequently referred to as one of the greatest SMOK vape tanks available.

SMOK Mods and SMOK vape Kits

Ranging from SMOK Vape Pens to whole Starter Kits, SMOK products are ideal for vapers of all skill levels. For beginning vapers or those seeking a more interesting experience, the SMOK brand provides a diverse assortment of pod mods and vape pens, including the following:

Series of Sticks – If you’re searching for a discrete gadget with outstanding power, SMOK has developed several incredible vape pens under the label of “Stick”. SMOK vape pens have gone a long way, with the introduction of the Stick G15, Stick R22, and Stick N18. 

For those seeking maximum vape production and greater control over their experience, the SMOK shop offers some of the top sub-ohm and box mod devices available. SMOK’s most renowned box mods include the following:

Morph – The SMOK Morph 2 kit was released in March 2019 as a brand-new product. Featuring a fresh new user interface that is presented elegantly on the 1.9″ full-color touchscreen, as well as a passcode touchscreen, this is another amazing creative vape kit from SMOK.


SMOK vape pod systems

Novo by SMOK Pod Systems was one of the best-selling pod systems in 2020. Their consumers highly recommend this product thanks to its compact size and portability. SMOK has now redesigned it. The all-new SMOK Novo 4 features a larger battery, a wider wattage range, a redesigned pod system, and a new coil lineup.

The SMOK Novo 3 is approximately the size of a lighter and is extremely practical and portable. Additionally, it is draw activated, making it quite simple to use. Simply browsing through all of the positive reviews on their site to get a sense of how great it is.

If you’ve read any of their best of compilations, you’ll know how much they love the SMOK Nord 4 Kit.  it is basically one of the most advanced pod systems available. It’s ideal for both newbies and experienced vapers. It comes with a 0.6 Ohm sub-Ohm coil for sub-Ohm vaping and a 1.4 Ohm MTL coil for those looking for a cigarette-like experience.

SMOK tanks 

SMOK have all of the most recent SMOK tank releases, as this brand continues to innovate vaping with their unique designs. The majority of vapers are aware of the TFV range of vape tanks. In fact, the flagship TFV18, called the Cloud Beast, is one of the most prominent vape tanks in their online vape stores. 

General things you should know about SMOK Vape

SMOK is the world’s best-selling vape brand for a reason. They’ve invented and manufactured some of the industry’s most cutting-edge and popular vape kits.  Their manufacturing capabilities may enable them to produce kits that are not only cutting-edge, but also more affordable than their competitors. 

SMOK’s volume is so large that they produce nearly twice as many distinct devices as anyone else. Therefore, calling them prolific is an understatement. Whether you’re searching for a huge box mod kit, a small portable pod vapes, or simply an incredible sub-ohm tank, SMOK has all things you need. 

  • Highlight features of the fire button on SMOK vape

This button activates or deactivates the pod in five clicks. It features a central LED that reveals the battery’s (un)charge status via two clicks, color changing from green to flashing red to orange. Whenever the pod is in use, the LED glows blue. 

  • The battery of SMOK vape

Nord Kit’s qualities do not end there. It features a 1100 mAh battery, which allows you to vape for several hours (low nicotine liquid) to a whole working day (need more reasonably nicotine). Moreover, recharging is accomplished with the included USB cable. It shuts off after eight secs of pressure on the fire button and includes all necessary safety features (short circuit and low voltage protection). 

  • The coils for SMOK vape

Coils are able to last approximately 3 weeks before replacement, but this certainly depends on the used amount of liquid, your vaping style, and other factors.

All above are necessary information from Vape Vend related to SMOK vape that you should know. Hopefully they will be informative for you. Vape Vend now offers a whole wide range of options from flavors, coils, accessories and so on. For a better vaping experience, don’t hesitate to browse our website for further assistance.