Top Vape Shops for SMOK Nord Pod Kits

Finding an ideal vape store might be difficult, as there are a large number of vape shops in the market nowadays offering a variety of products. However, you must be able to find the best vape store from the numerous options. This enables you to obtain high-quality vape from a safe place.

Innovation keeps altering the vaping experience. Hence, SMOK Nord won’t let their veteran vaping users down by offering various categories of items with special features. 

In this post, friendly and dedicated staff from Vape Vend would like to share some tips on how to find the top shops for SMOK Nord Pot Kits and necessary information related to this product. 

SMOK Nord: Juice me quick – Vape me slow

SMOK Nord is an innovative button-activated pod system device. Keep in mind to switch it off when not in use, or it will set off an alarm in your pocket! This has occurred at least once to everyone. 

In addition, SMOK Nord features the ideal size for you to hold in your hand, a newly added button to activate vaping and provide battery life information, and an e-liquid window on the pod, all of these are for your convenience.

  • SMOK Nord X – New series launched

With unstoppable innovation, the Nord series welcomes the latest arrival called Nord X, which breathes new life into the entire collection. It’s a triple-proof pod system with an integrated 1500 mAh battery capable of delivering up to 60 watts of power. 

There are two matching pods which have an RPM Mesh 0.4 coil and an RPM 2 Mesh 0.16 coil and be able to contain up to 6ml of e-liquid for extended vaping and less frequent filling.

Give it a shot and see for yourself how the Nord X conquers the hearts of vaping users and exceeds their expectations with all of these incredible features.


Tips for finding the top shops of SMOK Nord Pod Kits

Vape Vend will share you 6 tips to choose the best SMOK Nord shop that you will never forget: 

1st tip: Ensuring about the product quality

First, you should evaluate the store’s product quality and determine whether it meets your requirements or not. 

Examine diversified brands and ensure that they are among the best on the market, as the vape you purchase must meet the highest quality standards. 

Bear in mind that you are going to consume the vape, and this is a matter of health, therefore you should choose a product that will be not too harmful to you during consumption.

2nd tip: Checking on the ratings and reviews of the stores

Looking for genuine consumer reviews and ratings. These websites contain a wealth of information about the things they sell, their shipping and delivery efficiency, their customer service experience. These will direct you to reputable vape sellers, not to unscrupulous or unethical ones.

Hence, you should first conduct an online search for the store, as the majority of stores are there, and observe what other customers will say about that particular vape shop. Additionally, consider what other customers talk about the store and its products. This enables you to decide whether or not to cooperate with a specific vape store.

3rd tip:  Degree of experience

You should verify a vape store’s level of experience in the field. An ideal vape store should be knowledgeable about the numerous vape brands and have years of experience in this industry. 

Determine how long the specific vape store has been existing in business, as this demonstrates the store’s degree of experience in the field. A vape store that has been available for an extended period of time has more experience than a new establishment.

4th tip: Participating the SMOK Nord pot kits communities and asking for references

SMOK Nord communities would be an excellent place for retailers to learn about their target market, as these interactive platforms allow unrestricted communication.

Additionally, you may get and share tips from owners of vape stores and vape users, as well as network with them—ask where they buy their supplies, how they feel about a store’s customer service or product quality, and so on. In case you are running out of a few certain accessories, someone may know of local wholesale vape supply stores that carry it.

Besides that, you can obtain recommendations from friends and relatives on a particular vape retailer from which they purchase their products. This simplifies the procedure for you because they have already located the appropriate spot and all you have to do is go get your vape.

Keep in mind that they already trust the location they are sending you to based on their positive experiences. If they had not obtained positive outcomes, they would not have been able to refer you to the specific vape business.

5th tip: Clarifying the price range

An ideal vape shop had better offer reasonable prices. Keep in mind that prices do not guarantee the quality of things; some places may overcharge but sell low-quality goods, while others may sell at a reasonable price yet sell high-quality goods.

6th tip: Contacting directly customer support from the store

The finest vape store should offer a trustworthy customer care team that is available to assist you at any moment you need support. 

It should have a variety of communication channels, such as email, live chat, and phone numbers, from which you may choose your preferred method of communication. 

Final thoughts

Why is buying a high-quality vape so important? Vaping tends to be more and more trendy since it does lessen the negative impacts from traditional cigarettes. From diversified flavors (Mint, strawberry, etc.) to extraordinary and modern designs, vaping successfully states its position by creating its own culture. 

Hopefully above tips from Vape Vend would be beneficial and informative for you. If you are in need of certain accessories, coils and special flavors for your vape, contact us via our website for further information and start a new vaping adventure with us!